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Lawsuit Waylays British Actress, Lisa Vanderpump

Lawsuit Waylays British Actress, Lisa Vanderpump
Lisa Vanderpump (Photo source:

Being sued is always a daunting wake up call. Being sued by someone you once trusted can feel like an ambush. Having just been served with one lawsuit by an animal rescue organization siting alleged physical abuse, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Vanderpump, along with her husband Ken Todd, is faced with a second lawsuit alleging fraud and breach of contract by Fifi & Romeo, a luxury pet outfitter.

The suit claims they were asked to create custom apparel for Giggy, Lisa’s Pomeranian, to wear and display at the American Humane Association’s 2012 fashion show. Fifi & Romeo expected to receive brand promotion and recognition via traditional media, social media, and print outlets in exchange for the custom outfit. Additionally, the luxury pet brand alleges that in 2015, Lisa executed a partnership agreement that involved her personally designing exclusive pet clothing with Fifi & Romeo as the manufacturer and seller of the designs under the label, ‘Fifi Romeo for Vanderpump Pets’.

According to court documents, the two parties entered into an oral agreement which was honored from May 2013 through October 2015. The company now contends the reality TV couple went back on their agreement once a written contract was signed. Their main points of contention are that Vanderpump and Todd:

  • failed to properly credit them in photos, television appearances, and other media channels
  • Intentionally misspelled the brand’s name, preventing them from receiving due recognition
  • did not share manufacturing expenses per their oral agreement

Finally, Fifi & Romeo discovered that Vanderpump and Todd have created a pet clothing line of their own, a move they believe indicates the couple had no intention of honoring their mutual agreement, but instead used their brand recognition and customer base to build a luxury pet apparel line and brand of their own.

Lisa is reportedly hurt and confused over the filing of this lawsuit and claims that she lived up to their agreement and was enjoying a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship. She also states that she has promoted the brand on her reality show, and via social media. Want to stay in the know on upcoming developments in the court process? Check back with our blog for updates.