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Fashion or Function – Do Dogs Need Cold Weather Gear?

Fashion or Function – Do Dogs Need Cold Weather Gear?
Dogopet Furry Runner Coat.

From sweaters to coats to vests, outerwear for dogs comes in a wide variety of options. We all know how cute dog sweaters and coats are, but are the necessary for the pet – or only for the owner? Think of it this way – just like the chilly temperatures of winter take their toll on humans, the pets we love feel the chill as well. Unless your dog is a double-coated one – like a Siberian Husky or Australian Shepherd – he’s likely to appreciate an extra layer of protection a coat or sweater has to offer, just as much as you are.

Pet outwear is particularly suitable for puppies, senior dogs, and short-haired breeds, but almost any dog can benefit from it’s added warmth. Your dog enjoys the warmth of your home and experiences the same drop in body temp when they venture outside that you do. That change in temps can make your pet hesitant to romp, play, or relieve himself outside. His natural coat may not provide all the cold weather protection he needs.

The key to finding the right sweater for your dog is knowing what to look for. Rather than choosing a bulky sweater, you’ll want to look for one that offers lightweight, comfortable, reliable warmth. Additionally, you want a sweater or coat that’s easy to put on your pet and just as easy to take off, because it won’t matter how fashionable or functional the sweater is if your dog fights you every time he needs to wear it. Finally, you want one that offers superior quality at an affordable price.

DOGO Pet’s collection of outerwear for your dog fits the bill. Our coats and sweaters also come with a leash attachment, step-in leg design, and full belly coverage that provides all around protection from rain and snow. With the right outerwear, your dog can be stylish, trendy, and fashionable while they’re also warm, safe, and protected from harsh weather.

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Christmas Sweaters Your Dog Will Love
Dogopet Santa Sweater


The halls aren’t the only thing you can deck with Christmas cheer. With DOGO Pet’s line of Christmas-themed apparel, your pet can get in the holiday spirit with you. Check out these awesome ways to dress your pet for the fun and frivolity of the Christmas season.

This simple, easy-to-wear, turtleneck sweater features a pompom nose – in red, of course – on its reindeer design. Its merry and whimsical and will elicit oohs and aahs from everyone who sees it. The cozy, comfortable sweater is a holiday hit!

This adorable Christmas pullover sweater features Santa’s iconic buttons and black belt with its shiny gold buckle. It’s not only jolly and joyful, it’s functional, too, with a convenient leash hole located right around the collar.

The weather outside might be frightful, but your pup will be absolutely delightful in this fuzzy, snowman inspired sweater. Bedecked with snowflakes and a snowman patch design, its functionally adorable with a leash hole and added protection from the snow.

The step-in legs and candy cane detail on this black fleece sweater make the holiday season fun and festive for your pet. The shimmer of the classic red and white candy cane stripes add to the fun and visual appeal, while the sturdy knits keeps your fur baby warm.

‘Tis the season for family fun – and that includes the furry members of your family, too. Want your dog to get in on the magic and fun of Christmas? DOGO Pet’s Christmas-themed sweaters are just what you need. In addition to letting them join in the holiday fun, our Christmas sweaters do double duty by keeping your beloved pet warm, cozy, and comfy. You don’t have to stop at sweaters, though. You can check out our entire holiday collection of sweaters, bows, hats, and scarves.

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Halloween Costume and Hats

Halloween Costume and Hats

Halloween will be here before you know it. If you’re planning to dress your fur baby for the occasion – and you should be – we have just the Halloween gear for your pet. One of the best features of our pet-friendly Halloween apparel is that it’s not designed to be disposable. Instead, we manufacture our Halloween gear to eliminate onetime wear. That means you can dress your pet in the same costume year after year or hand it down from pet to pet if you have more than one furry family member.

Most of our hoodies and other high quality, well-designed, cute-as-can-be Halloween hoodies are not so extreme in design that they can’t be worn all season long. After all, Halloween isn’t the only time your pet should be super adorable. Some of the most popular fall designs include these adorable sweaters, raincoats, and hoodies:

Unbelievably Fierce Shark Raincoat

Super Cute Strawberry Sweater

Ferocious Killer Whale Hoodie

Colorfully Spiky Dragon Sweatshirt

Cute As A Bunny Sweater

Don’t forget the stylish hats that cover and protect your dog’s head in style. Hats are quickly becoming more and more popular pet apparel options for a variety of reasons. They’re a low-cost option when compared to full costumes, they’re easy to dress your pet in, and they offer simple, pleasing designs. Your pet will be the most popular, anticipated pooch on the block when they become known for their designer hats. Hats are any easy way to mix and match your puppy’s outfits. A few of our most popular and adorable pet hats, include:

The Super Hero Bat Hat

The High-Flying Aviator Hat

The Colorfully Fun Rainbow Hat

The Absolutely Adorable Trapper Hat

The Too Cute To Be True Elf Hat

Check out all of our pet-friendly fashions and order yours today. They won’t sit on our shelves long and your pet will enjoy wearing them as much as you love seeing their adorable faces in them.

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3 Features of Our Fashionable, Functional Runner Coats

3 Features of Our Fashionable, Functional Runner Coats

Are you looking for ways to keep your beloved pooch warm and dry in inclement weather? Pets are as vulnerable to the weather as their humans and often require – and enjoy – the same kinds of weather protecting gear we do. Check out our Runner Coats and their awesome pet protecting features.

Runner Coats

Runner Coats are available in a variety of fashionable colors. You can buy one or more to fit your pet’s personality, match your own outerwear, or fit a special trip or occasion. Our coats come in navy, red, black, and yellow. Choose the color or colors you like most and make your pet the best dressed companion in the neighborhood.

These beautiful coats are functional as well as they are fashionable because they’re made with warm, insulated design features, including marl sweater trim. Marl sweaters are made by lightly twisting two strands of yarn together into a single yarn that has a pleasing, mottled effect and added warmth. The marl sweater yarn provides that added warmth plus increased insulation for your fur baby.

Its design is functional as well with the top zipper closure providing simple, step-in dressing that your pet won’t fight against. The Runner Coat also stretches around your pet’s chest for an easy, comfortable fit. Your dog’s belly will be completely covered eliminating rain, snow, and dirt from collecting in their fur. It also zips and snaps easily and smoothly on top of the pet’s back without snagging sensitive fur or causing unwanted zipper distress.

Your pet won’t fight getting dressed for outdoor excursions in these Runner Coats and they’ll enjoy the protection from the elements the water resistant outer shell provides. These coats are available in sizes from extra small to 4XL to fit any pet. Sizes up to XL even have a D-Ring design for easy leash attachment to keep your pet leash compliant and close at hand. At DOGO, we pay attention to detail and fabric quality. Our Runner Coats are long lasting and made from quality materials. It’s one of our most popular items, so order yours today and keep your beloved pet warm, safe, and fashion conscious.

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The Importance of Good Dental Health For Your Dog

The Importance of Good Dental Health For Your Dog

Most dog owners go to great lengths to ensure optimal health and hygiene for the pets they cherish. Unfortunately, too many overlook good dental health. Your dog’s teeth, tongue, and gums need as much care as all the rest of her. A healthy mouth leads to better nutrition and better overall health and wellbeing.

A toothache or sore gums can cause your pet unnecessary pain and stress. If left untreated, sore, diseased teeth and gums can affect your dog’s bloodstream, kidneys and liver. Poor dental hygiene can also cause tooth loss that can make it difficult for your pet to eat, which leads to poor health in general. Try regular, but not daily, tooth brushing. Brushing your dog’s teeth will loosen plaque and improve the smell of your dog’s breath. It can be challenging and you need to be careful not to brush to vigorously or make your dog so uncomfortable that he never wants a tooth brushing. It may take some getting used to for both of you, but is worth the time and effort.

Want an easier solution? Try our fun Crochet Toy Collection. What looks like toys to you and your pet are actually cleverly hidden dental tools. They come in bright colors and fun shapes like ice cream cones, fish, balls, and spaceships. Made of sturdy, interlaced, 100% cotton thread, they’re flexible, durable, and contain a squeaky feature that equate to hours of fun for your dog. While your pet is having fun, the crochet toy is hard at work removing deposits of calculus that destroy dental health.
Crochet Toy

Take a step in the right direction and order one for your pet today. She’ll love the fun and entertainment. You’ll love the relief of knowing your dog is getting the care she needs at her own pace. It’s a safe, simple, superior way to provide the quality dental care your pet deserves.

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Why The EasyGO Harness Is A Must For Your Pet

Why The EasyGO Harness Is A Must For Your Pet

EasyGO Harness

EasyGO All-In-One Dog Harnesses by Dogo
DOGO Easy Go Harness

Walking your dog and maintaining control of the walk and the pet are essential parts of dog ownership. Collars and leashes are the usual method of doing so. Pet parents have long looked for more comfortable alternatives. We’ve heard your concerns and preferences and have come up with the EasyGo Harness. Made of a variety of plush material, our soft harnesses are easy and safe for your pet to wear.

Get out your tape measure and measure your dog’s chest and torso. Then look at our convenient sizing charts to find the perfect fit. Next, measure your dog’s personality – and yours, too. These durable harnesses come in so many styles, colors, and patterns that you’ll be tempted to purchase more than one. Choose the ones that fit your pets character and your budget and you’ll both be happy campers.

Your pet’s health, happiness, and comfort are your chief concerns. Our buckle-free designs are easy for your pet to simply step into. That makes it much easier to secure than the traditional dog collar. If your dog bristles at having a collar around his neck, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how he happily steps into his new harness. We can’t emphasize enough how easy it is to get your pet into our harness. Check out these YouTube clips that show our happy customers demonstrating how easy it is for dogs to step into them. Each one comes with a matching lead for your leash as well.

It’s much easier to gain control of your animal when the leash and harness safely encompass his torso, rather than pull at his neck. The slight choking sensation a collar and leash can create can make the most well-trained, well-behaved dog fight against it. You can eliminate any choking hazard or other discomfort with a soft, full torso harness.

Soft harnesses are also a godsend when your pet is recovering from an illness or surgery and wearing an e-collar. E-collars make it extremely difficult to attach a leash to the neck. Our EasyGo soft harnesses make that struggle a thing of the past by securing safely to the pet’s torso and not interfering with the e-collar at all. Easy to put on and easy to wear, they’re tangle-free and just plain cute!


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Why A Soft E-Collar Is Better For Your Pet

Why A Soft E-Collar Is Better For Your Pet

Soft E-Collar


Pet parents probably dislike the dreaded “cone of shame” as much as pets do. It’s a necessary safety and protection tool, though, in the event of a pet injury or illness. Designed to discourage biting, licking, and scratching, the e-collar is used following and some surgeries or illnesses to promote healing. If you and your pet find yourselves in need of an e-collar, consider our line of soft e-collars. Here’s why:

Also called recovery collar, Elizabethan Collar, and e-collar, traditional e-collars are made of stiff, hard plastic. This type of e-collar just can’t be very comfortable for your fur baby. It’s not easy to look at, either. Made of water resistant, stain resistant polyester, our Elizabethan recovery collars are easy to clean and maintain. They come with extra sturdy, easily adjustable Velcro straps that will keep your dog more comfortable while they heal.


The e-collar for dogs is invaluable for keeping your pet from tearing out stitches or exacerbating an injury. While dogs are healing, they shouldn’t have to endure the additional discomfort that comes with traditional e-collars. Our soft e-collar comes in two adorable patterns, two colors, and six sizes. Carefully weigh and measure your pet, then select the size that fits them best and ensures they get the comfort they need during the recovery process. The lightweight soft e-collar is also easier on the dog’s neck since it weighs so little.

Finally, it’s much easier for the owner and the vet to work with a dog who isn’t fighting against a rigid e-collar. That means the soft e-collar for dogs is not only better for the animal, it’s better for the owner and vet as well. No pet parent wants to see their pet in distress. Our soft, comfortable e-collars are cute to look at, soft to wear and sleep in, and easier on the pet parent’s soft heart.