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Sizing Up Your Dog

Sizing Up Your Dog

Dog lovers come in all shapes and sizes – and so do the dogs they love. Some pet owners love dogs they can carry around, like Chihuahuas and Tea Cup Terriers. Others love dogs that are almost larger than their owners, like Great Danes and Newfoundlands. Breed and size are major factors when buying clothing and other gear for your puppy. When you’re striving to get the most bang for your buck, you want to make purchases your pet won’t outgrow too quickly. Take a look at the following guide. It helps you get a better idea of how big your puppy will get – and how fast.

Here are anticipated sizes for six popular dog breeds from largest to smallest:

Keep in mind that these sizes are approximate and vary from breed to breed and from dog to dog.

Large Breeds (Retrievers and German Shepherds)

6 Months Old     99 pounds

1-Year-Old            154 pounds

Full Adulthood 175 pounds

Medium Breeds (Bulldogs and Beagles)                                                       

6 Months Old     75 pounds

1-Year-Old            110 pounds

Full Adulthood  120 pounds

Small Breeds (Teacups and Chihuahuas)

6 Months Old     1 pounds

1-Year-Old            4 pounds

Full Adulthood  7 pounds


Now that you’ve sized up your pet, check out our new EasyGO harness. It has a wide range of adjustability that makes it great for puppies and dogs of all breeds and sizes because it grows with them. It’s an all-in-one soft harness that’s easy to get into and out of, safe for your pet, and comfortable for them to wear. It features a buckle-free, step-in design secured by a simple slide down clip. It even comes with a matching lead. It has all the durability and strength you want and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. The EasyGO Harness combines fun and function and will last for years.

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Dog Fur Sweaters? Yes, It’s A Thing – Here’s Why People Love Them

Dog Fur Sweaters? Yes, It’s A Thing – Here’s Why People Love Them

Humans love the feel of a warm, rich, luxe faux fur sweater – and so do the pets they cherish. Your dog will enjoy plush artificial fur fabrics like imitation cashmere every bit as much as you do. Even dog sweaters with simulated fur trim go a long way in making sure your beloved pet is more than merely fashionable. Dog sweaters protect your pet’s coat and, if your dog is a breed with short hair, it can also guard against brisk winds. A dog sweater can also protect the belly of breeds with short legs.

Cashmere mix pullover sweater coat detailed with faux fur collar and decorative metal buttons. Available leash hole. Buy the fur sweater online now

A parka or hoodie with a faux fur collar can offer protection for their shoulders, joints, and ears. Soft, thick, lavish imitation fur is the way to go when you want to safeguard your dog against the cold of winter and the rain, snow, and sleet that comes with it. A stylish dog sweater is more than an indulgence – it’s a necessity. Cozy sweaters are perfect for cool autumn night walks and chilly winter walks any time of the day.

What do you do to protect yourself and stay warm during cooler weather? You grab a sweater or hoodie to help your body insulate itself against the cold. Why would you do any less for your pet? A dog sweater that fits her well will be just as welcome to her.

There’s always going to be a debate about whether or not dogs need coats on top of their coats. The truth is that pets shiver in the cold and react to it in much the same way as their humans do. You clothe yourself properly when you venture out into the cold, right? Go ahead and indulge the pet you love in our Luxy Fur Sweater featured here. You’ll make your dog the poshest puppy in town with this sumptuous faux fur sweater that warm their coats and warm your heart.

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Why Your Dog Has to Have A Coat

Why Your Dog Has to Have A Coat

Many people think of coats as mere accessories for spoiled pets or as an extension of the fashion sense of indulgent pet owners. The truth is that your fur babies have an actual need for a coat or sweater. Many pet parents help their dogs brave cold winter weather with a dog coat or dog sweater. Keep reading for a few good reasons you should get one for the pet your love.


Fluffy animal coat with warm inner lining. Velcro closure. Keep your pet warm and fun all winter. BUY IT NOW HERE

Small dogs like chihuahuas and corgis benefit greatly from a protective coat or sweater during cold weather. Because their legs are short, their bellies are more apt to touch the cold ground or brush against high curbs, or rub against cold, wet snow.

The same is true of short haired breeds like greyhounds, terriers, and basenjis. These breeds don’t have as much fur as long haired, thick, or shaggy breeds, and the added warmth of a dog coat will help keep them dry and healthy. Also, older dogs with weakened immune systems and achy hips and joints will love the extra layer that helps them maintain their body temperature when venturing outdoors.

If your dog is a fashion hound, they’ll want more than one coat. Their fashion choices, like yours, may be dictated by more than outside temps. Choose outer wear for your dog that fits well. That’s a key to providing maximum protection. The dog sweater or dog coat should be snug but not tight, leave your pets legs free to romp and roam, and allow your pet to relieve himself in his normal manner. Make sure to choose one that is easy to put on and take off. That will just make dressing and undressing your fur baby easier and more fun for both of you.

Dog coats and sweaters are more than adorable outer wear. They’re a cold weather necessity that keeps your dog as warm and snug as your outer wear keeps you.

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Do Dogs Really Need To Wear Coats And Sweaters In The Winter?

Do Dogs Really Need To Wear Coats And Sweaters In The Winter?

Dog Sweaters & Coats

PP CAR SWEATER Available now at Dogopet.com.

If you’ve ever watched your dog shiver in chilly winter weather, you already know the answer to this question. It’s true that dogs come with their own outer coat, but coats vary greatly in length and thickness and from pet to pet. Your dog’s coat may not be enough to offer maximum protection against winter weather. Here are two more reasons you should get a coat or sweater for your fur baby.

  1. It’s healthy in more ways than one. If you heat your home, it creates a safe comfortable place for all the members of your family including your dog. That can make it difficult for your pet to adjust its body temperature when heading out into the cold. That extreme change in temperatures may make your dog reluctant to go outdoors to relieve himself.

  1. Depending on your dog’s breed and age, his coat may not be naturally thick or it may not be as thick as it once was. Dogs with compromised immune systems or dogs that have chronic ailments like arthritis are especially prone to aches and pains in the cold. Also, if your pet has had any recent surgeries or injuries, that required shaving a section of his coat, he may need the added warmth and protection of a dog sweater, coat or hoodie.

On the flip side of that coin, if you live in a balmy climate, your dog may need a little help keeping cool in humid weather. Our iCool Scarf keeps your dog cool as a cucumber. It self-inflates when cool water is added and it’s easy to prolong its use by simply adding more water. It’s extra convenient because it doesn’t require refrigeration to use. Dogs can suffer from hyperthermia or heat stroke just like people can. Check out this article on Animal Planet warning of these dangers.

Go ahead and grab a dog sweater or coat or an iCool Scarf for your furry family member. Aside from being the most stylish dog on the block, they’ll be the most happy and comfortable.